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Pack Of 2 Water Leakage Sealing Tape Super Strong Aluminum 5 Meter


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Roof Leakproof Aluminum Foil Butyl Rubber Waterproof Tape High Temperature Resistance Pipes Walls Leak Sticker Super Nano Tapes


Butyl tape can work at- 15℃ – 45℃, with high temperature resistance and strong environmental adaptability.Strong adhesion, can withstand a certain degree of displacement, durable, wear- resistant, with extensibility, waterproof, temperature resistant, chemical resistant

Butyl aluminum tape has strong viscosity and waterproof, and can be used in various occasions and surfaces, mainly including roof leakage, household water leakage, basement, toilet, tunnel, windowsill leakage, saloon car awning, personal boat, drainage ditch, ship, outdoor equipment, canoe, PVC and pipe, air duct, door, wall, vent, downpipe, mobile house, etc RV and camper, seams, etc

The installation is simple and convenient. Before construction, clean the surface first to make it clean and oil-free. After tearing the release paper, paste it on the surface.

Package included:

1*Foil Butyl Rubber Tape


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